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Our goal at Fusion Aesthetics is to give you an enhanced natural artistic look with the safest procedures, medications, peels, and treatments studied and researched. All products and peels used and sold are medical-grade.


Lisa, Heather, and Lacy are all healthcare providers who offer Aesthetics.

Lori offers esthetician services.


We provide our clients with the assurance that they are in a health clinic with licensed providers who can treat and prescribe on-site.  We also want you to rest assured that we go to great lengths to provide you with the most up-to-date safe medical grade products, and advanced certifications from the world's most renowned aesthetics clinics such as Allergan Medical Institue and the Swiss Aesthetics Institute.  We also attend multiple aesthetic certifications and training year-round and have the most up-to-date services, devices, equipment, technology, and medical-grade skin care products available.


If you are looking for cheap Botox, promotions, or free syringes of filler then we are not the right fit for you.  If you have questions about our services please call us for information.


Botox, Lip Fillers, Microdermabrasion, Micro-Needling, Dermaplaning, Fillers, medical-grade peels, Skin Care, Medical skin products from Allergan, Skin-Medica, Obaji, TNS Serum, HA5, Retinol, Tretinoin, Sunscreen, facelift massage, facials, and more

Fusion Aesthetic only accepts cash or credit for all aesthetic services.  Insurance is not accepted for any aesthetic treatment. 


Service Prices


Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Injectables & Botox​


We NEVER charge per syringe for fillers!

Our goal is to give you your desired look no matter how many syringes whether it's 1/2 syringe, 1, 2, 3 syringes or more.

Our team has advanced training in Botox & Fillers.



$13.00 a unit



$750 Lisa's signature lip augmentation

$750 lip lines (smokers lines)

$750 crows feet 

Cheek fillers 



"Double chin"  for moderate to severe fat below the chin.

$1000 per vial / treatment 

FIX my Face package


Botox up to 64 units - upper face

3 medical-grade peels spaced 4-6 weeks apart

Cheek fillers (may substitute for other procedures)

Lip fillers (may substitute for other treatments)

1 microneedling with PRP

1 Microdermabrasion treatment

1 Dermaplaning session

1 medical grade facial

Frown lines (DAOs) fix with Botox


Chin dimpling fix with Botox


Sculptra Injections 

$800 per vial (consult required before injection)

Lip Flip with Botox


Bunny Lines


Medical  Grade  Chemical Peels

All peels are medical-grade skin peels offered in our clinic & spa. We use peels by Allergan, SkinMedica, and Bella Medical Products. Get rid of the sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles, resurface, revitalize and restore your look. These peels have proven benefits in tightening the skin, decreasing pore size, and giving back the glow.

1-3 treatments are recommended depending on skin imperfections.

The Perfect Derma Peel 

Medium medical grade peel $325.00

Vitalize Peel- Allergan Skin Peel

Medium medical grade Peel $200.00


Illuminize Peel - Allergan

Air Brush look

Mild Peel with NO downtime

for mild skin imperfections

Great before special events $175.00

Rejuvenize Peel - Allergan

Medium to intense medical grade peel

For severe skin imperfections $345.00 

Obaji Peels:  

Blue peel $125

Skin & Hair Rejuvination

Give your skin a make-over, get rid of dead skin cells, get your glow back, or come get a beautiful air-brushed look before a big event with one of our treatments below.

The treatments below are recommended every 4-12 weeks. 


Face $135.00

Face & neck $195.00

Neck $95.00



Hyaluronic Acid $300

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) AKA The Vampire $480

PRP/Series of three treatments $ 1300

Series of six treatments $2400

Microneedling for Hairloss with PRP

$450 - and up depending on area size


Face $115.00


Brows $30

Lip area $20

Chin area $20

Brows & Lips $45

Brows/Lips/Chin $65

Platinum Facial

Medical grade

(60 min)


Bellanina Facelift Massage


10 pack series recommended $1400

Diamond Facial Package



Facial (2 hrs)



Long lashes, tinting, full brows or open eyes.  What ever you desire we have it here and can help.  

Upneeq for droopy eye lids

$75 telemed or office visit

(no charge if current client)

$105 for prescription

We also do Upneeq in the clinic for special events

same day service



Obagi Medical Nucil brow & lash growth



Organic Lush Lash & Brow Growth Serum $50

Special Events

We love special events such as weddings, bachelorette parties, and more.  Look and feel your best with our amazing services. Call or book online for a consult.  

We recommend these treatments at least 5 days before your special event.

Illuminize Peel - Allergan

This peel will yield an Amazing Air-Brushed Look!

Mild Peel with NO downtime

for mild skin imperfections

Great before special events $175.00


Hylauraunic acid $300

PRP $480

Dermaplanning with Illuminize peel

Get rid of the peach fuzz and then we apply the peel to have extra smooth, glowing and radiant skin.


Upneeq for droopy eye lids

$75 telemed or office visit

(no charge if current client)

$105 for prescription

Upneeq drops in the clinic for special events

same day service


Manly Man Services


We all of our Aesthetic services to men as well.  Call or book online for a consult.







Medical Grade Skin Products

All skincare products are Medical Grade that will show visible results in 2-6 weeks.


Nucil brow & lash growth $120.00

Rx Vitamin C $144

Blender $125

Foaming face wash $42

Susan Obaji sunscreen 50 SPF $60

Tretinoin $91

Elastiderm eye cream $116

Hydrate $52

Susan Obaji Grapefruit cleanser $42

Skin Medica

TNS Serum $280

TNS Ceramide $72

HA5 $120

Scar Recovery Gel $46

Lip Plump Hyaluronic Acid $68

Retinol $80

Mineral Shield Sunscreen Tint & Non-tint $36



Fusion Products

Organic Lash & Brown Growth Serum $45

Acne Treatments

Acne treatments for teens and adults.  We offer skin consults, medications, Skincare, cystic acne treatment and injections with steroids, amazing chemical peels, and more.  Book a consult today. 

Cystic Acne, Acne & Keloid Care

Steroid injections for cysts/keloids $90

Acne treatment $175

Consult, plus antibiotics, Tretinoin, & Follow up care.

Other treatments separate

Microneedling for acne scarring 

(See pricing above)

Live the beautiful life!

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