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IV therapy & injections are quick to deliver & 100% absorbed. The IV treatments will leave you feeling rejuvenated, energized & infused. Our IV therapy & nutrient injections deliver just the right electrolytes, vitamins, nutrients, minerals & antioxidants your body needs. Experience the future of preventative wellness with FUSION & live your best life, "The Good Life"

 See our menus below & book your treatment today.

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Our signature IV drips and Shots

Drip prices range from $90 for basic hydration to $175

Acclimate IV (altitude adjustment)

Après All Day IV (play all day & night)

Alleviate IV (migraines, body aches, PMS)

Party Animal IV (partied too hard - pre or post)

Myers Cocktail (fatigue & vitamin depletion)

Recovery & Performance (athletes, racers)

Immunity Boost IV (Covid-19, Flu, Cold)

Vitamin C drip (Antioxidant, Immunity)

Glow & Grow drip (skin, hair, nails, beauty)

Quench IV (thirst & dehydration)

B-12 Shots

Vitamin D Shots

Skinny Shots (MIC)

Vitamin C shots (Immunity)

Immunity Boost shots (Zinc, Glutathione, Vitamin C)

Zofran shots (Nausea & Vomiting)

Toradol shots - (Aches & Pains)

Benadryl Shots (Allergies)

No need to choose your shot or drip now. Book and we will hook you up in the clinic after history and assessment. We will recommend the best IV drip or shot for you after we chat a bit about your needs. 

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